Door Pocket Screws

Door Pocket Screw Set

Screw sets come in two sizes. The standard #8 and there is also an oversize #10 set for doors that have larger holes. Each kit comes with 12 screws and 10 grommets. To prevent corrosion the screws are 304 stainless steel.

Why two sizes? Some cars have had multiple repairs or adjustments to the door pocket. The screws have been tightened multiple times or had the screws over torqued, stripping out the hole in the door. The larger screws still look factory but will restore the grip for the door pocket. If the #10 does not fit and is loose, it may be time to drill out the hole, add a rivet nut and use a machine screw to fasten the door pocket. A rivet nut gun can be a big help when installing the rivet nuts.This is an easy project and can be accomplished by most shade tree mechanics.