About Us

It all started with a desire to update our 911s. With the cost of original parts well within high-end race parts, why not upgrade? We drive our cars. They are numbers matching S's with a pedigree. We wanted comfort, performance and ease of repair. So here we go.

Now that the cars are aging we have the opportunity to upgrade areas the factory could only have  hoped to have engineered for. Of course, we are very cognitive of the fact that we are just custodians of our cars for a time and then they will be passed on. So we have always strived to  do no harm. What does this mean? We try not to cut holes in things nor chop stuff up. We strive to just use factory openings and architecture to add to our cars.

If we are going to upgrade, we want things light and improved. There are so many more interesting materials around now that the factories could only have dreamed of in the day. We strive to seek out these materials and manufacturing processes to make the best products.

By the way: we don't have a phone. Why? Because we are probably under our cars or out driving around. We very much care about your concerns or questions. Just email us and we will get back in short order.


Payment + Shipping

Secure payment is processed via Shopify. By submitting an order via our website, you authorize Flat Six Project to charge your credit card the full amount of all products plus applicable shipping and handling and taxes. We do not store your credit card number for any reason.  It will typically ship orders within 24 hours.


Please contact us within 5 days of receipt if there is a problem with your order. Returns will be accepted in new condition. You will be responsible to cover the cost of shipping the return items.