Sport Seat Project Bundle

Porsche Sport Seat Kit. 

After acquiring a Porsche 911 with the original factory Sport seats F6P wanted them for all their cars. They were so much more comfortable and held the driver much more securely so brisk canyon drives or open track days gave better driver feel and feed back. It was a no brainer that the rest of the cars needed an update.

 After taking the seat apart and making a copy of the Porsche foam and tubes the process of converting the other seats began. We soon found that there really wasn’t any aftermarket upholstery kits that fit well enough to make the conversion look like the original. So we went out and had our own made to meet our quality and fit requirements.  The upholstery, foam and bolster tube kit is now available to our customers.

The conversion process begins by striping the old upholstery and foam off the frame and then cutting off the old wire bolster supports. All repairs should be done at this time. Sandblasting the frames and springs is a good idea.  The new upper frame and lower side bolster tubes need to be welded in and adjusted to the proper driver width. A good coat of paint and making sure all the mechanical mechanisms are in functioning order is the next step. Replacing rusted and corroded springs and the seat cable and donut that the cable slides on is next. Its then time to add the foam around  the frame and glue the foam pieces into place. Then cover with the upholstery and hog ring it to the frame. Reinstall and enjoy.

The kit works on standard mechanical seats that were available from 1974 to 1985. Make sure the seat has the large mechanical knob on the side of the seat and it has the serpentine springs before disassembly.

    This bundle includes

Sport seat Upholstery for both Driver and Passenger

Sport seat Foam for both Driver and Passenger

Sport seat Side Bolster Tubes for both Driver and Passenger

This kit does not include the seat hardware. (springs, donut and cable)