Porsche Sport Seat Side Bolster Tubes

Porsche Sport Seat Side Bolster Tubes.

Porsche Sport Seat side bolster tubes are made from steel imported from Germany to match factory specification. They are bent as were original and need to be welded into place after the wire has been removed from the standard seat frame. They can be also be used to repair damaged sport seat tubes. These tubes give the side bolsters the additional support they need to keep the driver and passenger in the proper seated driving position. Even with the added support you will find these seats very comfortable and up to short spirited drives as well as long touring trips. Arrive with a smile on your face not dreading the next long drive.

Standard seat that can be converted to the Sport seat are the 1974 to 1985 model with the mechanical side knob and serpentine seat springs

Sport seats from 1979 to 1985 can be repaired with this kit.